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Innovation by ORCA

Flipper is a brand of Orca. We invented the world's first, self-opening and closing toothbrush cover mechanism with hygiene, easy and fun in mind.


With the patented mechanism, Flipper has brought smiles to 30+ millions (and still growing) happy users.  


Proudly Designed & Made in Malaysia Since 1999...

Flipper is the ingenious invention of brilliantly progressive minds at Orca Innovation. Since hitting the market in 1999, Flipper has changed the way the world stores its toothbrushes. Dedicated to providing a safe, quality product - we offer hundreds of design options for purchase across continents. Flipper has quickly become an accessory used in bathrooms everywhere. Delighting children, teens and adults with its innovative simplicity, hygienic features and enchanting designs, we remain committed in our mission of inspiring smiles while we make brushing fun!


We Care

Adheres to international safety standards. Made from high quality 100% non-toxic material & BPA free.

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