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We’re Changing the Game
in Toothbrush Storage

QUESTION: Where do you store your toothbrush?

(In a cup or on the on the counter)
Why jeopardize your health? Flipper promotes good oral hygiene
brush after sanitary brush, morning, noon & night, by protecting your toothbrush from the elements.

How Do You Store
Your Toothbrush?

Flipper Twigo Adult Aegean Blue Side View

Do You Know?

Leaving the toothbrush without protection in the bathroom will certainly increase the risk of infection. Bacteria and viruses that spread when you flush water will survive in the air long enough to linger on bathroom surfaces. 

Our Solution

Clean, safe & sanitary brushing. Our innovative holder effortlessly
protects your toothbrush so you don’t have to.






The Idea of

Flipper Logo
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Store Your Toothbrush Hygienically

Stop cross-contamination by separation now, our protective cover safely keeps your toothbrush free of germs, dust, bugs and other yucky stuff.

Asset 47.png

Open & Close with One Touch

The unique mechanism design allows Flipper to open / close automatically in response to the tug / push of the toothbrush. 

Asset 46.png

Best Brushing Companion for All Ages

Turn wiggles into giggles! Learn good oral hygiene habits when they are young, Flipper is a good buddy to make brushing fun. 

Award Winning Design

Our effort is proven with recognition by winning multiple design accolades, including the internationally prestigious and much coveted reddot design award.

Flipper | Award Winning Design

The World
Loves Flipper

We've travelled the globe, but now we're expanding
so everyone can enjoy Flipper.

Patent Numbers :

US 6,457,583 • EU/UK 1272069 • Japan 3920016 • Korea 0375754 • China ZL00814919.4 •
Hong Kong HK1069965 • Taiwan 186324 • Singapore 89886 • Malaysia MY-125725-A

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